Book of Study

Friday, January 25th, 2013


The book that I am choosing to study for this course is titled Lower Mississippi written by Hodding Carter and illustrated by John McCrady.  I found this book interestingly enough on a table in the Science Building that said “Free Books to a good home” and at the time just picked it up as something to hide in my friends stuff to annoy them.  But then we needed a book for this class so I decided to see what the history behind this book was.  Turns out that it was published by Farrar & Rinehart and printed by J. J. Little and Ives Company in New York in 1942. Lower Mississippi is also the 19th book in a series of books called The Rivers of America 

I thought that this book would be a good book to study because I could study an actual print copy of the book and there were some pretty neat looking illustrations that were included along with the book.  I also discovered  that the book still had one of the receipts from the last person to purchase the book, Dan K Evans.  So then I did some research on the book, and discovered that the book is missing a dust cover but I found some pictures that I could use to study that as well.  I feel that it would be an interesting book to study and to learn a little bit more about it since I found it out of sheer chance.


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